When it comes to finding the best summer holiday destinations, Canada is one country that doesn’t fall short of some pretty awesome sightings and places to visit. You can start by checking out the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto or even the jaw-dropping mountain peaks of the Canadian rookies. Canada features some pretty cool features and this can make it more difficult deciding which one is perfect for you for this summer holidays. That is why our team has compiled a list of four of the best summer holiday destinations in Canada that you might be interested in checking out.

1. Quebec City, Quebec

This cobblestone city has some amazing sites to visit during the summer holidays. You will see the cathedral spires plus the elegant French fare of this city’s capital. During the summer holidays, you might be lucky enough to catch one or two performances of the Crepuscule which is an evening circus show that is presented by the Flip FabriQue acrobats. These performers come back for their second performances during the summer holidays. Afterward, you will find them in one of the many different bars near Rue Saint-Jean for cider or craft beer.

The circus show usually runs from some time in the late July all the way to early September. This makes one weekend in the early August your best bet if you plan on catching these performances.

2. Churchill, Manitoba

For all the animal lovers, Churchill, perched on Hudson Bay, is the place you want to be. It is located on the Northern end of Manitoba. This is the best place where you can get up-close with some of Canada’s beautiful wildlife. This may even be your best chance to spot wild polar bears wandering the tundra, the friendly beluga whales swimming beside kayaks plus the many different bird species.

You might also catch some of the country’s native birds, moose, and wolves if you are that lucky. The best time to visit for this exotic wildlife is between mid-June and mid-September. You will awe with wonder at the site of over 57,00 beluga whales which will be gathering in the warmer waters just off the coast of Churchill.

3. Prince Edward County, Ontario

This is quite a stunning yet quiet place to check out. It has pebbly beaches and many wide open fields which can easily make you forget that you are just two-hours’ drive from Toronto. There are plenty of wineries, many bike paths, farmer’s markets, but a book by the beach is usually the main attraction here.

You can visit the Toronto’s Drake Hotel which already has a trendy outpost setup for you in the town of Wellington. It has been named the “the drake by the lake” due to its quirky signature furnishings. The high season usually begins in May here and can stretch throughout the summer period. You might want to come here in the early June period and keep cool using the lake breeze. 

4. Antigonish, Nova Scotia

This is a little and sweet town which you will find in the north-eastern end of Nova Scotia. It has a completely unpretentious vibe to it and is also rich in Gaelic history. You will feast your eyes on some of the old churches in the region, sunny hikes, and even the friendly Maritimes.

Visit this site from July 3rd to July 10th for the 2016 Highland Games which run for one week.