Don’t let your kids feel bored over the summer. It is a great time to get them into a summer program. There are many things to consider when choosing a camp for your children.

1. Define your expectations

There is a fine balance between wanting your kids to be happy and finding an educational experience for them. Some children may not be happy at the thought of a “summer camp.” As the parent or guardian, you need to set your own expectations for the experience. All-girls or all-boys camps are great places for your child to meet people with similar interests. There are plenty of academic camps or sports academies that can keep your child occupied. You want to find a camp that appeals to your child’s interest.

2. Find the right camp

There are many varieties of camps for kids. They are not all about painting or archery. Many camps are now specialized to appeal to kids with certain interests. Traditional style camps give your child the typical “camp” experience with campfires, bunks, and plenty of outdoor activities. Academic camps can be a valuable teaching tool for your child. These camps focus on interests like theater, coding, math, or science. Art camps are great for those children who have a more creative side. Many of these camps are even treading into the world of 3D and computer generated art. Athletic kids will love sports camps. This style of camp is great for those who want to improve their skills during the summer. There are some special needs camps as well. They create a safe environment for those who might not feel comfortable in a traditional camp setting.

3. Choose between overnight and day camps

Day camps allow you to drop your child off for the day. They spend time with the instructors and leave after a few hours. Overnight camps provide the same benefits of a day camp, but the child can spend up to a month at the camp. The type of camp you choose will depend on your child’s comfort level.

4. Create a budget

You want to budget your money for camp. It can be a big sticker shock when you find out the cost. Don’t let that dissuade you. Ontario summer camps are an investment in your child’s future. They are great places to build confidence and gain independence. Many camps do have discounts for siblings or early bird bookings. It does not hurt to ask about a discount when you call the camp.

Summer camps are wonderful spots for your child to have fun. There are many places that will engage your child while school is out of session. You should always tailor the camp experience to meet your child’s interests.