Every person has right to work. This right has been entrenched in many international legal instruments. Persons living with disability have the right to be treated equally and without prejudice with other workers in work place and such entitlement should not be taken away from them. Disability discrimination occurs when an individual is treated unfairly in employment because of disability and not the merit or the qualifications he holds. It is important to consult a disability lawyer to ensure that you are ware of these tips.

1. Policy formulation

This is a critical undertaking that primarily lay down rules and norms that must be followed by all actors, both the employer and the employees. It defines the relationship between the two and it creates obligations and responsibilities to be followed by both parties. Policy should ordinarily set some code of ethic and conduct in the organization. Therefore, factoring in the needs of persons with disabilities in the policy will be of importance since it will protect such persons from discrimination at work place. Suffice to say that it acts as an authoritative legal document.

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2. Training

This process is essential in preventing discrimination in the work place. Knowledge is a powerful tool that creates an understanding on various matters affecting humanity. Through training, managers, partners or all those involved in the running of the company are lead to comprehend the importance of protecting disabled persons and more importantly appreciate their plight and accommodate their situation accordingly.in this process , they get to familiarize themselves with laws governing persons with disabilities as well as laid down policies.

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3. Fair treatment

Equity demands that every person is given fair treatment. Institutions should treat all workers in an equal number without any discrimination. There should be no preference in terms of job promotion, recruitment or any other actions that the company may be pursuing. Every person should be given equal opportunity to engage and participate in activities of the company.

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4. Performance appraisal

This is an assessment conducted by the employer to all the employees. It assesses the employee performances as far as his or her designation is concerned. This is matched with their contributions to the company in terms of skills, innovations and commitment. This usually affects everyone hence it will ensure everyone is subjected to a similar process hence prevent discrimination in the work place.

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5. Internal dispute mechanisms

A serious employer should have a well laid out internal disciplinary mechanism that will allow all employees  an opportunity to defend themselves in case of disciplinary actions that may arise from breach of code of conduct. Thorough investigation should precede this move so that it ensures that the allegations presented are unbiased and the accused given fair hearing.

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