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5 Marijuana Stocks Set to Explode with The Impending Legalization

Thousands of investors are currently piling up and looking at how they can break through the fast-emerging industry which has only just been legalized; the marijuana industry. It’s not so long ago when anyone who would have even thought of putting his/her investments into marijuana stocks would have been considered having a fool’s dream. But all this has now become a reality. Marijuana stocks are currently basking in their watershed moments.

The legalization process is currently in its infancy even though the business is already booming. The industry has, however, experienced its own bouts of instability. But this hasn’t made it less of an interesting investment with some stocks looking to be worth a look at. Here are some of the marijuana stocks that you might be interested in buying.

1. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH)

This biotech company is headquartered in the U.K. and has gained a lot of attention from its use of its antiepileptic drug Epidiolex. And so far, the drug has become a huge success with patients reporting that they now experience 39% fewer seizures compared to when they were not using the drugs. This one achievement alone confirms the effectiveness of using the cannabinoids.

GW Pharmaceuticals is set to increase its investments in its research and development with all the cash on hand and close to zero debt.

2. AbbVie, Inc. (ABBV)

AbbVie is another leading marijuana stock marketing company-based drug called Marinol. This pharmaceutical firm has reported a significant rise in revenues for the past four years straight. Its operating income has also been on a steady rise. Marinol has helped to stem down vomiting and nausea in chemotherapy patients. The drug has, however, not been as remarkable when it comes to earnings as expected. It ranks among some of the top-selling drugs in the market.

AbbVie also concentrates in the U.S. market as its sole market and this can be a risky move are they are now entirely dependent on marijuana’s domestic stock value.

3. Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY)

INSY has been busy making the new synthetic cannabis drug which can treat juvenile epilepsy. Syndros, another marijuana-based product, is also from INSYS and is said to help treat nausea and weight loss as a result of HIV/AIDS.

This company has, however, faced its share of problems over the past three years, both legally and financially.

4. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Based in Maryville, Ohio, this marijuana stock sells lawn and garden products it is also venturing into the pesticide business and attempting to develop a line of pesticides specifically for marijuana plants. The company has spent millions in its attempts to try and acquire other marijuana companies.

5. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

The ACB company is one of the most successful and outstanding marijuana stocks of 2017. It also just recently launched its own line of edible marijuana products. It is currently working to establish itself in the European marijuana market as well. This company is making huge moves to extend its reach in Australia as well where it has taken a 20% stake as the country’s first and biggest medical marijuana-based company.


6 Little Known Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution

Water contamination is a severe hazard that not only affects the environment but also affects the individuals who drink and consume contaminated water. There are many water purification systems that one can purchase and it is especially important – even for those who live in well-off neighborhoods and communities to consider getting a water purification systems.

You may think that because you live in a well-off neighborhood or country that water pollution is not something you will have to deal with – however, there are many cases where water contamination can affect your water system, and it would prove invaluable for you to consider having a water purification system in handy or just for your everyday use.

6 Little Known Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution

# 1 – Industrial Waste

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Now this can happen almost anywhere. It may not be as uncommon in first world countries as it is in third world countries, but industrial waste is a huge cause of water pollution. Some factories dumped their garbage and their liquid garbage in nearby water beds.

This is not too uncommon, and frighteningly this has been the cause of many water pollution scandals in certain parts of the United States.

# 2 – Sewage and Waste Water

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It is a saddening realization, but in many countries around the world, one of the primary culprits for water contamination and water pollution comes from the idea that the sewage and the waste system are NOT SEPARATED.

This lack of separation, needless to say, is the reason for so much water pollution in those countries along with the major reason for so many sicknesses and illnesses.

# 3 – Mining Activities

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Mining has a tremendous effect on the environment and unearthing certain minerals and elements can easily get transferred over to the water system and from there has been an adverse impact on the water system.

# 4 – Marine Dumping

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This is becoming somewhat of an epidemic. There is enough garbage in the oceans and seas that if combined enough they could form a small little island. The plastic, tins, rubber, and food causes a lot of pollution, as well as death to marine life that would otherwise be able to survive, had there been no garbage.

# 5 – Accidental Oil Leakage

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This is very rare but when it does happen the effects and the devastation hat leads after this is monumental. Oil leaks can be a huge problem not only for the water system but also for the marine life. We know this from the BPD oil spill a few years back and how much press it had gotten; and rightly so.

Oil leakages and spillages are perhaps one of the most destructive actions that can happen in nature due to man’s actions.

# 6 – Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

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There is nothing quite like having a lush green looking yard. However many fertilizers and pesticides today are so packed filled with a plethora of chemicals that they do more harm to the longevity of your yard as well as your water system (a whole article can be written around the negative impact that chemical fertilizers and pesticides do to your yard, plants, and food).