Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful

Being a teacher in itself in any capacity will always be a challenge. Being a college teacher on the other hand is much more challenging because of the nature of the students being taught at this level as well as the complex nature of the studies at the tertiary level of education. Teachers College are therefore well equipped to ensure teachers are given all the required skills to succeed. Also, this is why there are some guidelines or rules that college teachers use to ensure that they are efficient and successful. Here are six things that make college teachers successful.

1. Study the bases of knowledge for teaching and learning

If you want to be a successful college teacher, you will have to study the bases of knowledge for teaching as well as learning. These include brochures, articles, conferences, letters and even the news. Even with the amount of expertise and knowledge that you already have in your discipline, teaching and learning are other fields of knowledge that you need to understand as they constantly change.

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2. Accept all who come to your class

It is very possible students who come to your class will not always be ready to learn. They will not always be prepared enough to understand the material that you will be teaching but they will certainly have the will to want to learn. You probably never thought you would have to teach your students certain things in college but they probably didn’t learn these things in high school and it is important ha you accommodate them.

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3. Instructional management is necessary

Any successful college teacher will tell you that you need to plan properly for instructional management. College instructors probably do not see this as something that they have to plan but it is absolutely necessary. Giving students visual outlines of the lessons helps them to stay on track.

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4. Use proper assessment

Make sure you help your students to understand how they will be assessed and how that will go into their overall grades. Your students will probably have to check this online but make sure they have a proper understanding of how they are graded.

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5. Remain passionate

Teaching is not the easiest thing in the world to do. It is very challenging. From time to time, you will be overwhelmed with he amount of responsibility that you have. It is important that you remain passionate about your career and understand how important that responsibility is to your success and to your students as well.

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6. Have different strategies of teaching

Every college teacher understands their content as well as their students abilities. Take a look at these factors and ensure you use different strategies to teach. Students understand things better when different strategies are employed and when know why.

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The Top 5 Advantages of Registered Education Savings Plans

Commonly abbreviated as “RESP,” a Registered Education Savings Plan is the safest and most accessible investment vehicle for Canadian parents that are preparing to send their children to a reputable post-secondary educational institution, such as a university or trade school. However, many of the benefits and windfalls associated with RESPs are still relatively unknown, so feel free to read along for an in-depth look at the top five advantages of establishing a Heritage RESP.

1. You Gain Instant Access to the Canadian Education Savings Grant
The Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the RESP work hand in hand to help you make substantial, expedited progress with regard to your savings plan. The CESG program involves contributions to your RESP from the government, and the total allocation amount is based on your personal inputs, as well as your household’s overall income.
Since the introduction of the CESG roughly 20 years ago, nearly 50% of Canadian children have received payments from the program, and the cumulative value of federal and provincial contributions recently surpassed $8 billion.

2. Your RESP Also Functions as a Tax Shelter
A RESP enables you to diminish your taxable income and bestow your child with a lucrative nest egg during his or her post-secondary education:
● The money that you place in your RESP is taxed at the standard rate according to your income level, but the individual that withdraws the money (your child) will be taxed at his or her unique rate.
● This is particularly helpful when considering the fact that students have a very low tax rate in relation to their parents, which effectively protects the RESP from undue surcharges upon withdrawal.
● This concept also applies to the CESG contributions and the interest that accumulates in the account over time.
As such, a Registered Education Savings Plan is extremely valuable form a taxation perspective, both for the parents and the student.

3. You Can Establish Educational Assistance Payments (EAP)
Once the child enrols in a qualified post-secondary institution, you can create a serviceable EAP schedule that disburses money to the student in accordance with his or her needs.
The EAPs will be withdrawn from the Canadian Education Savings Grant portion of the account as well as the accrued interest, which enables the student to pay for study materials, transportation, tuition, and other compulsory expenditures.
Simply stated, the EAPs will serve as a fundamental income stream for the student during his or her educational career.

4. RESPs are Renowned for Their Stable Appreciation Rates
If you maintain a diligent approach, capitalize on CESG contributions, and prepare an adequate EAP plan, you can expect a return of 30% or more depending on how early you institute the RESP.
The investment returns tend to be higher for low-income families, but every household stands to gain a considerable yield with a modernized RESP. The earlier you begin, the better off you’ll be.

5. The Enrolment Process is Straightforward and Intuitive
All you need to establish a Heritage RESP is a Social Insurance Number and a few basic articles of paperwork, such as a birth certificate. You don’t have to worry about any upfront fees or surcharges either, so it makes a lot of sense to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.
Furthermore, Canadian RESP providers are very accommodating and trustworthy, which allows you to have complete confidence that your hard-earned money will be in the best of hands.