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7 Key Indicators That Considers You Healthy at Your Age

The internet has had us programmed in such a way that we now google just about everything that relates to our bodies. You will definitely be looking for ways how you can remedy any kind of discomfort or symptoms online. Many complicated diseases like cancer, AIDS, Ebola, leprosy, or any other chronic or serious disease can hit your mind. But you need to relax. The chances of you acquiring any of these kinds of diseases are usually pretty slim. In fact, you might come to realize that you are even healthier than you initially thought. Random pains can sometimes be quite depressing. But if your body is displaying these signs of health, then chances are high that you are actually okay.

1. Relatively clear, copious urine

If you are the type who pees fewer times a day and find that your urine is pale yellow, then you don’t need to worry much about your health. This simply means that you are adequately hydrated. You only need to start paying more attention when you find that your urine is cloudy, dark, or super-concentrated. Then you can start to think that something is amiss in your body. Completely colorless urine may, however, be a sign of over-hydration. This may not be as big an issue as dehydration, but it can also mean that your body is losing a lot of electrolytes and valuable salts.

2. Regular well-formed bowel movements

Everything relating to your health will always come down to the type of poop you are excreting. Normal poop can come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. But as long as it isn’t bloody, painfully hard, or to lose, then you are probably doing okay. Being a regular pooper is also another good sign that you are healthy. It means that you have adequate amounts of fiber in your diet and that your digestive tract is also working perfectly.

3. Stable weight

Assuming that you are not morbidly obese or grossly underweight, then a relatively stable weight is a sign of good health. If you witness any significant weight gains or losses, then you need to be alarmed.

4. Quick wound healing

Whenever you notice that the small cuts and bruises on any part of your body take significantly longer to heal, then you also need to be alarmed. You also need to be on high alert whenever you realize that you bruise easily even from light pressure. In case you notice any such signs, then you might need to visit a doctor soon. But if your body is clotting normally and your white blood cells are fighting off and carrying away bacteria from your body, then you are fit and doing alright.

5. Healthy hair and nails

Serious vitamin deficiencies are always first noticeable from your hair and nails. A shortage of some vitamins can be evident in weak or deformed fingernails and even toenails or hair that falls out in clumps. If your only problems are frizziness or split hair ends, then you are probably doing okay health-wise.

6. Regular menstrual periods

If you have regular menstrual periods coupled with normal symptoms, then this is an indicator that you are doing alright and that your reproductive system is healthy. Any painful periods or excessive bleeding during menstruation are signs that you need to have a doctor checking you out ASAP.

7. Decent sleep

It’s true that most people, especially in the working class, don’t get enough sleep as much as they ought to. Plus, occasional insomnia can be considered normal every once in a while. But as long as you can get some good couple of nights’ sleep, then you can say you are healthy.