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6 New Social Media Apps to Try Out in 2018

Now that 2018 is finally here, and in full swing, social media geeks and businesses are looking for and new social media stuff and tools that they can use to add to their marketing stacks.

Currently, there are over 5,000 different types of social media marketing tools in the whole marketing landscape. The only problem is where to start? Well, here is a list of some of the best new social media tools that you can check out and try this 2018.

1. Crello

This is a simplified graphic design tool that has over 10,000 free templates. This tool is free to download and use. Some design elements are, however, purchasable at $0.99 only. Crello is a new and free graphic design tool that is used for the creation and use of social media, printing images, and web. It also has millions of amazing stock images plus many free design elements.

2. Storyheap

Storyheap is a social media tool that you can use to manage your Instagram and Snapchat stories. It, however, comes in many different packages which you need to purchase to use. There are the $49/month, $99/month, and the $199/month. The up-side is that it has a 7-day free trial that you can utilize to check whether it is the social media tool for you or your business. Storyheap helps you create, schedule and also analyze your Instagram and Snapchat stories from a single dashboard.

3. PixelMe

This social media tool is used to make URLs shorter for those savvy marketers. It also comes in package subscription bundles of $10/month, $29/month, $79/month, and even custom pricing. You can, however, try its 7-day free trial to check whether it’s what you are looking for or not.

PixelMe also allows for a retargeting pixel in your link which makes it more enticing to check out. You will, thus, be able to retarget our URLs with ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Promo

Using this social media tool is the easiest way you can create marketing videos right from your slidey. It also comes with its own monthly subscription packs of $49, $99, and $359. You can, however, try out the editor free version and only have to pay if you need to download any videos. The promo social media tool claims that it is currently the best and easiest video tool to use on the market.

5. Typito

This is also another great social media tool that has different monthly subscription bundles of $5 and $30. It also comes with express pricing plus a 7-day free trial. You may also want to add another $5 to have the Typito watermark removed from your videos. It has a drag and drop interface which allows its users to quickly create videos that have amazing topography, videos, and images.

6. Adioma

This is a new social media tool used by infographic makers based on your visual language. The various monthly subscriptions include $39, $69, and $299 or custom pricing from $10,000 for every infographic onwards. Adioma was created to enable people to create similar cool infographics easily.