For most office managers, having a clean office always needs to be on their list of top-prioritized jobs. In as much as office cleaning may look to be an easy task, it can be quite daunting. Especially if you are not well-equipped to handle cleaning your office workstations. Luckily, you can now have other people to clean your offices for you for a fee. These are the commercial office cleaning Toronto companies. But even these cleaners may end up making the same mistakes you hired them to avoid. It is for that reason that we have compiled a list of 8 office cleaning mistakes that you need to try and avoid. Let’s begin.

1. Cleaning Only The Visible

Many people are culprits when it comes to this vice. And it just proves that you are a lazy cleaner. Choosing to always clean only the visible areas in your office will only lead to dust and dirt accumulating in the hidden places over time. And sooner or later, you will have to face the issue, and it will end up costing you a lot more to clean.

2. Scrubbing Off Carpet Stains

Most people always take it upon themselves to scrub off any carpet stains they see. But this can only end up making everything worse by driving the stain more in-depth into the carpet. And if you choose to use a wet cloth to scrub off a carpet stain, then you might only end up spreading the stain to other unaffected areas. You can, instead, blot the stain using a dry cloth or paper towel, then treat the stained spot using a stain remover.

3. Cleaning Office Windows On a Sunny Day

For most people, cleaning, office windows when the sun is at its peak always seems like the right thing to do. But this is far from true as the heat from the sun will dry the cleaning chemicals a lot quicker and end up leaving streaks all over your ‘wiped’ windows. You may end up with office windows which look even more disappointing than before you chose to clean them. It is better to clean your windows on a cloudy day or in the evenings or at night.

4. Inappropriate Cleaning Time

This error is most common with the hired office cleaners who may choose to come to clean your office during working hours. This will only end up distracting your staff members who will always be moving up and down to get out of the way of the cleaners. The staff’s attention will also be hindered by the loud vacuum noises and things like that. Thus, hindering your workers’ productivity.

5. Improper Garbage Disposal

It is crucial that you always dispose of your office garbage regularly, if possible, daily. Do not let any office cleaners leave the garbage lying around in your office space after cleaning. This will only end up cluttering your office. The chances are that the piled garbage will also find its way into the office too.

6. Using too much cleaning detergent

Employees who take to cleaning their office workspaces may end up using too much cleaning chemicals in their workstations which is not healthy. It is best that you advise your office staff to leave the office cleaning to the professionals who will use the right chemicals and in the right quantities.

7. Not Disposing Food Remains In The Office Bins

Before you know it, your office will be filled with all kinds of pests like roaches and rodents which thrive on leftover foodstuffs. The stench of leftover food scraps can also be overwhelming, especially when they have been around for too long. Make your staff develop a habit of disposing of any food scraps in their bins at the end of each day to avoid this.

8. Forgetting About The Office Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners that are full or almost full will not function at its full capacity. They are also most likely going to toss off dirt and dust instead. Avoid this by always emptying your vacuum bags after using your vacuums.