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6 Easy Steps Used by Experts in Interior Painting

When you look at some of the most popular DIY home improvement activities, interior painting easily tops the list. And it’s quite easy to see why. All you need is some basic knowledge and know-how on what you do. There is no better way of freshening up your rooms than interior painting. The plus side about it all is that painting isn’t that much of a terrifying and difficult job to do.

It doesn’t require any specialized training either. Any able-bodied  homeowner can do it, all you need to have is a little patience, some practice, and a little helpful advice and you will be good to go. This article will discuss with you some of the steps that you can use when doing your interior paintings.

1. Prep the surface

You need to properly prepare the surface of the area that you plan to paint. Scrape, sand, patch, and ensure to fill every hole on the surface you plan to paint before you do anything else. No paint, no matter its cost, thickness, or color, will hide any cracked or pockmarked surface.

2. Tint the primer

You also need to prime the ceilings and walls whenever you want to paint a dry surface. This is also advisable if you plan to paint over a dark color. It’s, however, important that you prime whenever you paint. The primer serves to block any stains from bleeding through. It also allows for a one-coat coverage for your paint. The primer also helps to improve the paint adhesion which is vital when it comes to reducing any peeling and blisters on your painted surface.

3. Use canvas instead of plastic

Instead of using plastic drop cloths to protect your floors and furnishings from any paint spatters, you can instead opt for canvas drop cloths. They are less expensive and more durable compared to the plastic drop canvas. Plus, the fact that they are rip-resistant is an added bonus. The canvas drop cloths also lay flat on any surfaces you place them on. This ensures that they are a lot less of a tripping hazard. Canvas drop cloths also absorb the spattered paint and are easily foldable around doorways and corners.

4. Reach for an extension pole

Use a telescoping extension pole instead of using the ordinary stepladder when using a paint roller. You find that extension poles come in many different lengths. Some can for as long as 36 inches which is good when painting 9-foot-tall ceilings. Choose the extension pole that has a soft and nonslip grip with a rigid metal core. They are the best and safest to use.

5. Use for a paint grid instead of a tray

You can roll paint straight from a 5-gallon can using a paint grid which is a lot faster and neater compared to rolling the paint from a paint trail.

6. Overnight storage

In most cases, you find that interior painting jobs take more than one day. And most of the instances, you find that cleaning the paint-roller sleeves and paintbrushes doesn’t sound like a great option. Luckily, in such instances, you can simply wrap the painting tools in plastic food wraps to keep them wet. This prevents the paint from drying while on the paintbrushes and any other equipment that you intend to use the next day.



Five Expenses You Need to Get in Check After Turning 30

One of the most routine things in most people’s lives is being born, going to school, graduating, getting a job, living your life, getting married, having kids, managing loans and other debts, retiring, and then waiting for your death. Okay, that pretty much sums it all up. But, it is the part where you get the job, and keep it that many people find difficult.

Getting a well-paying job is hard to come by in any part of the world. Most of the good jobs are already basically taken. But if you do manage to land yourself a good well-paying job, then you need to be thankful and start getting yourself organized and eliminate all the physical clutter in your life. Concentrate on how you can use your job to make your life better and comfortable. Doing this can help you reduce your life stresses and also help you have a greater mentality towards things.

It will also help you improve your financial situation too. And everyone knows that financial situations can be overwhelming sometimes. But there are some simple steps that you can try out and see your life with your job become relatively easier and help get you back to the right money mindset.

1. Keep your credit report close

You should let your credit report be your new best friend. Checking your credit report every once in a while, is a good habit that you should adopt. You should always know where your credit report lies at all times. This way, you can easily and quickly find and remove any potential risks that might harm your credit reportand your reputation with Northcash lenders.

You can start by reviewing all the accounts that are listed in your credit report and ensure that you are familiar with them and that there are no past accounts that you had dealt with still lingering around which might damage your report.

2. Open all the letters from your bank

Banks are known to send occasional emails and other important documents like monthly bank statements. You should make it a habit to open these emails as you receive them and carefully examine their contents to ensure that all details are correct. You never know, your bank may even be reaching out to inform you that they are increasing your current credit limit which, in turn, can help improve and increase your credit score. Stay on top of things like these.

3. Reevaluate your spending

You need to sit down and reevaluate how you spend your money on things; even the little things are included here. Take time and review all your financial commitments and ensure that you are not spending your money on the things that you don’t really need and that you can do without. Sometimes, you may be tempted to buy some things which don’t align with your goals. These are the things you need to be cautious of and try to avoid.

4. Think big and save bigger

It’s true that most Americans usually spend most, if not all, of their money on housing, transportation, and food. These are all necessities and what you must have in your life. But you will also realize that there are some other things that can add up to your total expenses. They may seem small or invincible, to even notice, but ignoring to look into them and how they are influencing your expenses can be a bad idea. You can start by reducing some of your expenses that you can do without to try and save money for some bigger goals which you aim to achieve.

5. Realize and go for what you truly value

Many financial advisers will always advise their clients to align their spending with what they value in their lives. This is the quickest way you will identify and eliminate any and all the expenses which you feel you don’t really need and can do without. Once you have identified your core values, you can look through your spending and identify the expenses which don’t line up and eliminate the ones which you feel you don’t need.

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Beat The Heat On the Cheap: 5 Air Conditioning Alternatives

The summer period is finally dawning and many people have already started thinking of how they can beat the summer heat by either repairing their broken down AC systems of buying new ones altogether. But did you know that there are many cheaper alternatives that you can always go for in place of getting the more expensive air conditioning systems? Well, there are. And some of them are quite ‘free’ too. Here are five cheaper alternatives that you can try out in place of buying the more expensive AC systems.

1. Open windows

This is perhaps the oldest method known to man of air conditioning. Opening the windows and letting the natural cool breeze cool your rooms for you through your windows has been around since man learned to build houses. If you keep to this practice every morning and evening, then you will have a cool natural breeze cooling your home all the time.

The pros

  • It is free
  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • You can adjust your windows to allow as much air as you want

The cons

  • Noise pollution can be a problem
  • Relies entirely on outside weather
  • Animals, insects, and birds can access your home
  • Your home can’t be cooled well if there is no wind outside


2. Attic ventilation

You can also use your attic to cool your home. You can do this by installing vents or vented skylights to cool your home by pulling hot air up and out of your home.

The pros

  • Cost-effective
  • The vents can work for years once installed

The cons

  • They may not be noticeably cooler
  • You need to open the windows at the lower portions of your home for this to work
  • Reduce the amount of heat you create in your home
  • You have little control over the rate of cooling of your home.


3. Reduce dishwasher, oven, and dryer usage

This is also another great way you can apply to prevent your home from getting too hot. The process is quite simple; you are only reducing the total amount of heat that the equipment in your home is generating. You can cut down on the usage of these machineries especially in the mornings and evenings to get the most results.

The pros

  • You will also be cutting down on the electric bills
  • There will be less heat, which requires cooling in your home

The cons

  • It is more of a preventive measure compared to a solution
  • It only really works if the heat comes from indoors and not outdoors
  • It can disrupt day-to-day lives of families
  • You will, most likely also have to have your windows open as well to maximize the cooling process


4. Fans

Fans are also popular home cooling tools for specific areas in your homes for hot days. These small gadgets can cool in one direction or be set to rotate from side to side and end up cooling larger areas.

The pros

  • They are effective for individual use or small areas
  • Inexpensive

The cons

  • Can be noisy at times
  • You might need to also open your windows so that air can easily circulate
  • Only cools small areas and not the whole house
  • Only effective when using the fan


5. Window units

This is almost like a built-in AC, only that it relies mostly on a unit that’s attached to the window frame to cool your home.

The pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Effective for individual use or small areas

The cons

  • Can be unattractive
  • Cools parts of the house and not the whole house
  • Takes away natural lighting and outside view.
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7 Key Indicators That Considers You Healthy at Your Age

The internet has had us programmed in such a way that we now google just about everything that relates to our bodies. You will definitely be looking for ways how you can remedy any kind of discomfort or symptoms online. Many complicated diseases like cancer, AIDS, Ebola, leprosy, or any other chronic or serious disease can hit your mind. But you need to relax. The chances of you acquiring any of these kinds of diseases are usually pretty slim. In fact, you might come to realize that you are even healthier than you initially thought. Random pains can sometimes be quite depressing. But if your body is displaying these signs of health, then chances are high that you are actually okay.

1. Relatively clear, copious urine

If you are the type who pees fewer times a day and find that your urine is pale yellow, then you don’t need to worry much about your health. This simply means that you are adequately hydrated. You only need to start paying more attention when you find that your urine is cloudy, dark, or super-concentrated. Then you can start to think that something is amiss in your body. Completely colorless urine may, however, be a sign of over-hydration. This may not be as big an issue as dehydration, but it can also mean that your body is losing a lot of electrolytes and valuable salts.

2. Regular well-formed bowel movements

Everything relating to your health will always come down to the type of poop you are excreting. Normal poop can come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. But as long as it isn’t bloody, painfully hard, or to lose, then you are probably doing okay. Being a regular pooper is also another good sign that you are healthy. It means that you have adequate amounts of fiber in your diet and that your digestive tract is also working perfectly.

3. Stable weight

Assuming that you are not morbidly obese or grossly underweight, then a relatively stable weight is a sign of good health. If you witness any significant weight gains or losses, then you need to be alarmed.

4. Quick wound healing

Whenever you notice that the small cuts and bruises on any part of your body take significantly longer to heal, then you also need to be alarmed. You also need to be on high alert whenever you realize that you bruise easily even from light pressure. In case you notice any such signs, then you might need to visit a doctor soon. But if your body is clotting normally and your white blood cells are fighting off and carrying away bacteria from your body, then you are fit and doing alright.

5. Healthy hair and nails

Serious vitamin deficiencies are always first noticeable from your hair and nails. A shortage of some vitamins can be evident in weak or deformed fingernails and even toenails or hair that falls out in clumps. If your only problems are frizziness or split hair ends, then you are probably doing okay health-wise.

6. Regular menstrual periods

If you have regular menstrual periods coupled with normal symptoms, then this is an indicator that you are doing alright and that your reproductive system is healthy. Any painful periods or excessive bleeding during menstruation are signs that you need to have a doctor checking you out ASAP.

7. Decent sleep

It’s true that most people, especially in the working class, don’t get enough sleep as much as they ought to. Plus, occasional insomnia can be considered normal every once in a while. But as long as you can get some good couple of nights’ sleep, then you can say you are healthy.

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6 New Social Media Apps to Try Out in 2018

Now that 2018 is finally here, and in full swing, social media geeks and businesses are looking for and new social media stuff and tools that they can use to add to their marketing stacks.

Currently, there are over 5,000 different types of social media marketing tools in the whole marketing landscape. The only problem is where to start? Well, here is a list of some of the best new social media tools that you can check out and try this 2018.

1. Crello

This is a simplified graphic design tool that has over 10,000 free templates. This tool is free to download and use. Some design elements are, however, purchasable at $0.99 only. Crello is a new and free graphic design tool that is used for the creation and use of social media, printing images, and web. It also has millions of amazing stock images plus many free design elements.

2. Storyheap

Storyheap is a social media tool that you can use to manage your Instagram and Snapchat stories. It, however, comes in many different packages which you need to purchase to use. There are the $49/month, $99/month, and the $199/month. The up-side is that it has a 7-day free trial that you can utilize to check whether it is the social media tool for you or your business. Storyheap helps you create, schedule and also analyze your Instagram and Snapchat stories from a single dashboard.

3. PixelMe

This social media tool is used to make URLs shorter for those savvy marketers. It also comes in package subscription bundles of $10/month, $29/month, $79/month, and even custom pricing. You can, however, try its 7-day free trial to check whether it’s what you are looking for or not.

PixelMe also allows for a retargeting pixel in your link which makes it more enticing to check out. You will, thus, be able to retarget our URLs with ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Promo

Using this social media tool is the easiest way you can create marketing videos right from your slidey. It also comes with its own monthly subscription packs of $49, $99, and $359. You can, however, try out the editor free version and only have to pay if you need to download any videos. The promo social media tool claims that it is currently the best and easiest video tool to use on the market.

5. Typito

This is also another great social media tool that has different monthly subscription bundles of $5 and $30. It also comes with express pricing plus a 7-day free trial. You may also want to add another $5 to have the Typito watermark removed from your videos. It has a drag and drop interface which allows its users to quickly create videos that have amazing topography, videos, and images.

6. Adioma

This is a new social media tool used by infographic makers based on your visual language. The various monthly subscriptions include $39, $69, and $299 or custom pricing from $10,000 for every infographic onwards. Adioma was created to enable people to create similar cool infographics easily.

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5 Marijuana Stocks Set to Explode with The Impending Legalization

Thousands of investors are currently piling up and looking at how they can break through the fast-emerging industry which has only just been legalized; the marijuana industry. It’s not so long ago when anyone who would have even thought of putting his/her investments into marijuana stocks would have been considered having a fool’s dream. But all this has now become a reality. Marijuana stocks are currently basking in their watershed moments.

The legalization process is currently in its infancy even though the business is already booming. The industry has, however, experienced its own bouts of instability. But this hasn’t made it less of an interesting investment with some stocks looking to be worth a look at. Here are some of the marijuana stocks that you might be interested in buying.

1. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH)

This biotech company is headquartered in the U.K. and has gained a lot of attention from its use of its antiepileptic drug Epidiolex. And so far, the drug has become a huge success with patients reporting that they now experience 39% fewer seizures compared to when they were not using the drugs. This one achievement alone confirms the effectiveness of using the cannabinoids.

GW Pharmaceuticals is set to increase its investments in its research and development with all the cash on hand and close to zero debt.

2. AbbVie, Inc. (ABBV)

AbbVie is another leading marijuana stock marketing company-based drug called Marinol. This pharmaceutical firm has reported a significant rise in revenues for the past four years straight. Its operating income has also been on a steady rise. Marinol has helped to stem down vomiting and nausea in chemotherapy patients. The drug has, however, not been as remarkable when it comes to earnings as expected. It ranks among some of the top-selling drugs in the market.

AbbVie also concentrates in the U.S. market as its sole market and this can be a risky move are they are now entirely dependent on marijuana’s domestic stock value.

3. Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY)

INSY has been busy making the new synthetic cannabis drug which can treat juvenile epilepsy. Syndros, another marijuana-based product, is also from INSYS and is said to help treat nausea and weight loss as a result of HIV/AIDS.

This company has, however, faced its share of problems over the past three years, both legally and financially.

4. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Based in Maryville, Ohio, this marijuana stock sells lawn and garden products it is also venturing into the pesticide business and attempting to develop a line of pesticides specifically for marijuana plants. The company has spent millions in its attempts to try and acquire other marijuana companies.

5. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

The ACB company is one of the most successful and outstanding marijuana stocks of 2017. It also just recently launched its own line of edible marijuana products. It is currently working to establish itself in the European marijuana market as well. This company is making huge moves to extend its reach in Australia as well where it has taken a 20% stake as the country’s first and biggest medical marijuana-based company.

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4 Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Canada

When it comes to finding the best summer holiday destinations, Canada is one country that doesn’t fall short of some pretty awesome sightings and places to visit. You can start by checking out the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto or even the jaw-dropping mountain peaks of the Canadian rookies. Canada features some pretty cool features and this can make it more difficult deciding which one is perfect for you for this summer holidays. That is why our team has compiled a list of four of the best summer holiday destinations in Canada that you might be interested in checking out.

1. Quebec City, Quebec

This cobblestone city has some amazing sites to visit during the summer holidays. You will see the cathedral spires plus the elegant French fare of this city’s capital. During the summer holidays, you might be lucky enough to catch one or two performances of the Crepuscule which is an evening circus show that is presented by the Flip FabriQue acrobats. These performers come back for their second performances during the summer holidays. Afterward, you will find them in one of the many different bars near Rue Saint-Jean for cider or craft beer.

The circus show usually runs from some time in the late July all the way to early September. This makes one weekend in the early August your best bet if you plan on catching these performances.

2. Churchill, Manitoba

For all the animal lovers, Churchill, perched on Hudson Bay, is the place you want to be. It is located on the Northern end of Manitoba. This is the best place where you can get up-close with some of Canada’s beautiful wildlife. This may even be your best chance to spot wild polar bears wandering the tundra, the friendly beluga whales swimming beside kayaks plus the many different bird species.

You might also catch some of the country’s native birds, moose, and wolves if you are that lucky. The best time to visit for this exotic wildlife is between mid-June and mid-September. You will awe with wonder at the site of over 57,00 beluga whales which will be gathering in the warmer waters just off the coast of Churchill.

3. Prince Edward County, Ontario

This is quite a stunning yet quiet place to check out. It has pebbly beaches and many wide open fields which can easily make you forget that you are just two-hours’ drive from Toronto. There are plenty of wineries, many bike paths, farmer’s markets, but a book by the beach is usually the main attraction here.

You can visit the Toronto’s Drake Hotel which already has a trendy outpost setup for you in the town of Wellington. It has been named the “the drake by the lake” due to its quirky signature furnishings. The high season usually begins in May here and can stretch throughout the summer period. You might want to come here in the early June period and keep cool using the lake breeze. 

4. Antigonish, Nova Scotia

This is a little and sweet town which you will find in the north-eastern end of Nova Scotia. It has a completely unpretentious vibe to it and is also rich in Gaelic history. You will feast your eyes on some of the old churches in the region, sunny hikes, and even the friendly Maritimes.

Visit this site from July 3rd to July 10th for the 2016 Highland Games which run for one week.


6 Little Known Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution

Water contamination is a severe hazard that not only affects the environment but also affects the individuals who drink and consume contaminated water. There are many water purification systems that one can purchase and it is especially important – even for those who live in well-off neighborhoods and communities to consider getting a water purification systems.

You may think that because you live in a well-off neighborhood or country that water pollution is not something you will have to deal with – however, there are many cases where water contamination can affect your water system, and it would prove invaluable for you to consider having a water purification system in handy or just for your everyday use.

6 Little Known Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution

# 1 – Industrial Waste

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Now this can happen almost anywhere. It may not be as uncommon in first world countries as it is in third world countries, but industrial waste is a huge cause of water pollution. Some factories dumped their garbage and their liquid garbage in nearby water beds.

This is not too uncommon, and frighteningly this has been the cause of many water pollution scandals in certain parts of the United States.

# 2 – Sewage and Waste Water

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It is a saddening realization, but in many countries around the world, one of the primary culprits for water contamination and water pollution comes from the idea that the sewage and the waste system are NOT SEPARATED.

This lack of separation, needless to say, is the reason for so much water pollution in those countries along with the major reason for so many sicknesses and illnesses.

# 3 – Mining Activities

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Mining has a tremendous effect on the environment and unearthing certain minerals and elements can easily get transferred over to the water system and from there has been an adverse impact on the water system.

# 4 – Marine Dumping

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This is becoming somewhat of an epidemic. There is enough garbage in the oceans and seas that if combined enough they could form a small little island. The plastic, tins, rubber, and food causes a lot of pollution, as well as death to marine life that would otherwise be able to survive, had there been no garbage.

# 5 – Accidental Oil Leakage

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This is very rare but when it does happen the effects and the devastation hat leads after this is monumental. Oil leaks can be a huge problem not only for the water system but also for the marine life. We know this from the BPD oil spill a few years back and how much press it had gotten; and rightly so.

Oil leakages and spillages are perhaps one of the most destructive actions that can happen in nature due to man’s actions.

# 6 – Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

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There is nothing quite like having a lush green looking yard. However many fertilizers and pesticides today are so packed filled with a plethora of chemicals that they do more harm to the longevity of your yard as well as your water system (a whole article can be written around the negative impact that chemical fertilizers and pesticides do to your yard, plants, and food).